What is the Best Blender for Smoothies and Soups?

Blenders are great aren’t they? You can use them to make whatever you want. At a time when there’s so much focus on health and things like smoothies are so popular, a blender is a must have appliance for every home.

You’ve probably noticed this but there are so many different products available. This is the reason the choosing the best blender for smoothies and soups can be quite difficult. However, you should see this as an advantage rather than anything else. This is because there are so many product and they are all available at different price-points that you can literally pick and choose the features that you want/need.

For making anything ranging from smoothies to soups to protein shakes and milkshakes, these are the best-rated products:

BlendTec Designer Series WildSide – The Most Premium

For customers looking for an extremely high-end product, the BlendTec Designer Series WildSide blender is probably the best in the business. This extremely powerful machine (1560 watts) will allow you to blend pretty much anything! It will also provide you with the ability to blend large volumes, as the capacity is quite high. It also has some fancy touch-screen type controls that are quite easy to use. This product is quite expensive but for someone wanting the very best blender that can blend whatever you want, this would be well worth it!

Breville Hemisphere Control Blender – For Average Users

This is a moderately priced product that would be ideal for most customers that are looking for high quality. It can actually compete against some blenders that are more expensive. When used for making smoothies, soups and milkshakes, this would be perfect. This is because it is sufficiently powerful to blend tough solids! On top of this, the product is also one of the quietest available on the market!

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender – For Budget Blenders

This is bound to be the best blender for smoothies if you’re on a low budget. It’ll cost you around $39.99 in most places and provides a great value for money! It has a 700 watts motor. Even though this is far less powerful than the BlendTec, this will still be powerful enough for blending most items. Things like smoothies might not be as smooth but this would still be worth it if you take the price difference into consideration. It will definitely get most of your jobs done and you can’t really expect much more at such a low price.

If you have a small budget, this Hamilton Beach smoothie blender is incredible.

Along with these high quality machines, there are a lot more that can provide excellent quality. Ninja blenders in particular are very popular amongst customers. Nutri Ninja is one product that’s suitable for a person looking for a personal blender. It’s quite affordable but is only a single-serving product. It has a very compact design alongside quite a powerful motor. Portability is the name of the game with the Nutri Ninja as the design and size will be very convenient. The narrow space ensures that the contents are literally pulverized! This will mean that you’ll be able to make some great smoothies with the Nutri Ninja!

So now you know that there are some high quality smoothie blenders out there. This means that you’re bound to find something in accordance with your budget and basic needs. It’s probably wise to look into these with a bit more detail to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes after buying the blender. One thing you must do is focus on the power as you would ideally want a blender that makes very smooth milkshakes and smoothies without any clumps!

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