Get the Most Flavor from Your Coffee with the Best French Press

There are a lot of people in this world who find it impossible to function properly without having their cup of coffee in the morning. If you drink coffee regularly then you may or may not appreciate the taste but you cannot miss it because you need the boost of caffeine to get you going.

Not only can coffee give you a huge boost in the morning, it also has lots of health benefits. And if you do not enjoy it but are forced to drink it every morning then you need to try something called French press coffee. This is a specific type of filtering technique that drains out the unique flavor of the coffee bean, the flavor that is normally lost in your normal drink.

Obviously, you need to make sure that the taste and flavor is not overly weak nor overly strong. If you regularly use an automatic machine then you will already know that this does not usually provide the right flavor. If you have experienced this before then you need to consider buying the best French press.

This type of product will ensure that you end up drinking extremely fresh and flavorful coffee, something that most of us have never done before. I must say it sounded very complicated to me but the entire process is very simple. From the time that I was introduced to this type of coffee up until now, I have tried a lot of different machines. For this reason, I want to share my experiences with, something that will hopefully allow you to choose the best French press for your own needs. Here are some of the products that I really liked:

SterlingPro – this is probably my personal favorite. The stainless steel design really goes well in my kitchen but that is not the only reason why I like it so much. Because of the stainless steel, there has not been any rust and I have used thrown it into the dishwasher plenty of times so the parts are safe to be cleaned this way. The double wall also makes sure that the machine is pretty sturdy. The main advantage of this is the heat retention, which is excellent. We can be chatting in the backyard and still have our coffee kept warm with fresh smell and taste. On top of that, let me just say that I have quite a large family and have plenty of visitors throughout the week. So the fact that this brews 1 liter is perfect for me. I guess the taste and quality of the coffee is the most important part and this is the area where I have found this to be the best French press I have ever owned. It makes amazingly rich tasting coffee, something that we should all enjoy on a regular basis. The process of making this only takes a few minutes and is fairly simple. There is also something called the double screen system that minimizes the amount of grounds that end up in the cup. This is a press that I have used for quite some time and will hopefully continue to use it in the future.

The SterlingPro French Press is easy to use and makes delicious coffee.

KONA Coffee, Tea and Espresso Maker – before I tried the SterlingPro, I used to use this product. It is another high quality carafe especially when it comes to making a cup of coffee with amazingly rich and bold flavor. It also does well to minimize coffee grounds entering the final drink. The main difference is probably the quality of the design. For example, this is made from glass rather than stainless steel. The glass design is quite sturdy but this will not match the sturdiness of the SterlingPro. Along with this, it probably will not retain heat as well as the SterlingPro. I also feel that in terms of the design, it does not look that great.

If you have just heard about this new brewing technique then you need to look further into this as soon as possible. I say this because you have no idea what you have been missing all these years. The above two products are the ones that I found to be the most effective in getting the most flavor. If you will be looking into this a little bit more, it might be useful to read this article: What is the Best French Press Coffee Maker in 2015?. Along with helping you to find a high quality product, there are several tips that enable you to carry out the brewing in an efficient manner.

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